The purpose of this package is to demonstrate the use of various Python modules/packages and web-scraping techniques. It is designed to crawl a forum in a top-down manner and store user profiles, categories, boards, threads, polls, posts, shoutbox posts, post smileys, user avatars, and the site background/banner images primarily in a SQLite database. Scraping is achieved via a combination of BeautifulSoup and Selenium, and sqlalchemy is used to interface with the SQLite database. Because the majority of this task involves HTTP requests and network I/O, the forum is scraped asynchronously using asyncio, aiohttp, and aiofiles.


It is against the ProBoards Terms of Service to scrape content from a ProBoards forum. This code is purely for educational purposes, i.e., to demonstrate the use of various libraries and techniques, and should NOT be used to scrape any ProBoards forum or website.

Neither the author(s) nor this software have any affiliation or association with ProBoards.

Per the license included in the repository, this software is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind and is not guaranteed to work. Neither the author(s) nor the software shall be held liable for any consequences resulting from its use.